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What is?

Regia is a metadata editor for Audio/Video Document developed within the EU ECHO project.

How does it work?

Regia generally works connected to the ECHO Digital Library System, which unfortunately is not available anymore. However, the program is also able to work in standalone modality.

The metadata model of ECHO is based on the IFLA model, a general conceptual framework used to describe heterogeneous digital media resources. This metadata model is composed of four levels describing different aspects of intellectual or artistic endeavour: AVDocument, Expression, Media, and Storage. The entities of the model are organized in a structure that reflects the hierarchical order of the entities from the top level (work) to the bottom (item). Figure 1 shows a schematic representation of the ECHO Metadata Model. As it is possible to see, the metadata which belong to different classes comprised in the model, are logically divided in two sets Bibliographic Metadata and Time/Space related Metadata. This classification is also reflected in the Metadata Editor interface.


The AVDocument entity is the most abstract one; it provides the general intellectual or artistic view of the document. For instance, let us suppose we want to describe a document about the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936. An AVDocument object will represent the abstract idea of the documentary film on the Games. A number of objects, of the abstract entity Version, could represent different language version of the same film, e.g., versions in Italian or in German. The Italian version could have three different objects that are part of the entity Version: a Video object, a Transcript object and an Audio object. However, the Version entity does not represent any specific implementation of the film. This aspect can be represented by means of the manifestation level. For instance, a Media object could represent a digital realization of the document in MPEG format. More than one manifestation of the same Version, e.g. MPEG, AVI, etc., may exist.

Nevertheless, the Media object does not refer to any physical implementation. For instance, the MPEG version of the Italian version of the Games can be available on different physical supports, each one represented by a different Storage object (e.g., videoserver, DVD, etc).

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