The Mean Value Analysis (MVA) algorithm is one of the most popular for evaluating the performance of separable (or product-form) closed queueing networks. In this page you can find a mex version of this famous algorithm written in C and compiled as mex file to be used in Matlab.

click here to download the c-mex source file

click here to download the compiled mex file (dll)

How to use MEXMVA

Just copy the mexmva.dll file in the a default directory of the mex files of Matlab (see the documentation of Matlab) or copy it in the same directory where there is the m-script that uses mexmva.

mexmva parameters: [r,x] = mexmva(N0,L,Ld);

For further details about the MVA algorithm see the book:

E.D. Lazowska, J. Zahorjan, G.S. Graham, and K.C. Sevcik, Quantitative System Performance—Computer System Analysis Using Queueing Network Models. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1984.